Test Filtering+

Regularly monitor devices to ensure your filtering system is effectively safeguarding access to illegal and harmful content

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What is Test Filtering+? 

Our TestFiltering.com service already allows you to determine if your filtering system is successfully blocking access to illegal content and offensive language.  

TestFiltering+ brings automation to continually check your devices, providing you alerts and reports. By subscribing to the annual service, you’ll be able to easily monitor all your devices across your whole network, and be informed when there are any issues. 

What are the Benefits?

How Does it Work?

Through the installation of a browser extension (currently Chrome only), TestFiltering+ will regularly and automatically test your filter is blocking illegal and harmul content.

This results are available through a dashboard for easy identification of issues and reporting. Email alerts will notify you of any issues with specific devices.

TestFiltering+ is a simple utility that is easily installed on the devices you want to check automatically. It regularly runs the testfiltering test and notifies you if you filtering is not working as expected.

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