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Does your Internet Service Provider (ISP) protect your family, staff or students from harmful content such as Child Abuse content and Terrorist content? Is pornography accessible?

Use our free test suite to check what is accessible and what is blocked.

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Protecting your family, staff, or students from harmful content on the Internet is a must as the Internet becomes the foundation of how we communicate, learn, and do business.

But how do you know if you are protected from the worst the Internet makes available? In the UK there are a number of agencies and charities working on your behalf to help you stay safe online.

From this work, a number of lists exist which are used by ISP's to provide filtering services to protect you from harmful content such as Child Abuse Imagery and Terrorist content. ISP's often have other lists to block services that provide Pornography or illegal downloads.

Test Filtering tests your Internet Connection to see whether this content is being blocked. We currently test for access to Child Abuse Imagery, Terrorist content, and Pornography.

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